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What makes New York Plantings Custom Built planters the best planter boxes available?

New York Plantings built heavy duty, purpose built planters made for outdoor use.

Strengthened and fortified in key areas while promoting good drainage : Drainage is one of the key elements in plant health. Well drained planters will not bare the stress of tons of pressure from freezing soil. If an engine block can split from ice a planter will surely expand/contract to become weak, separate at joints, split and fail.

Attached is the basic premise for the planter however we have improved upon this since.

Landscape Lighting and cedar planter installation NYC
Landscape Lighting and cedar planter installation NYC
Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter
Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter

The extensive use of long pocket hole screws holds better than we could have hoped for and reduces the need for redundant framing and “nailers” which are weak blocks used for attachment but not actual part of the structure.


Custom planter design by New York Planting in own work shop NYC


Long pocket hole screws used in Custom planter design for long life by New York Plantings

New York plantings custom planter design at own work shop NYC

Long pocket hole screws Items like the trim and caps etc. can be fabricated in the shop:

*much more accurate and attractive when made on a good table saw/band saw or sliding compound miter saw than the look of on site circular saw “helpers”

Solid stain applied to the inside of planters can be substituted with “RED GUARD” or similar waterproofing membrane that will effectively extend the life of the wood indefinitely.  The use of 5/4″ decking planks with pocket hole joinery (note NO framing which is always off unless the framing woof is perfectly straight and planed.

Depending upon style, each board is jointed and then planed, often each board is cut to exact size then routed on each edge.Either with factory style round over OR a bevel of 33 or 45 degrees.

Roof top custom planter design NYC by New York Plantings

Top caps can be used to lift planters in most instances the typical carpenters just tack on the top caps.

First the frame is assembled then attached to the planter. Again, made in the shop instead of on site. Cannot compare this work to on site work.

This allows perfect alignment, no gaps and true 90 degree joints.

These planters are built with solid 2X10 or 2X12″ planks. Each board is planed to perfect flatness and straightness then routed on each edge, cut down to exact sizes.

Note that our method shows no fasteners but traditional hiding of fasteners is weak since small framing is used. Framing wood is never perfectly straight: The pocket hole joinery uses screws up to 75% longer for added grip and clamping. keeping wood from warping over time.Edges Such as above will not sit straight and will have wide gaps/seams if the wood planks are not first planed and jointed.

Then, where edges meet the routing makes the joined edges look clean. This is a planter without the marine laminate liner.The 3/4″ marine laminate is designed to hold up in continuous wet environment, even saturated with water and not separate.Coated marine grade laminate is even more impervious to moisture.

Even though marine laminate is acceptable and even specified by architects and builders we have decided to use the 5/4″ thick wood OR 2″ thick solid wood bottoms (pressure treated or cedar #2 or#3 to save weight)The solid bottoms are held off the ground approx 1-2″ to allow for air to pass beneath.

NO HOLES are drilled in these solid wood bottoms. Drilling holes in bottoms will weaken the bottoms, shorten the life of any wood, solid or laminate by allowing water to enter the end-grain. Holes in planter bottoms will not offer good drainage either. By making spaces in the solid wood planks much as a deck is built the water easily drains, evenly (no wet or dry areas or puddling, fungus or moldy smells etc.)

Other smart and professional grade drainage options include “bulkhead fittings fwd in previous emails. All planter drainage can be routed directly to drain or even be recycled or re purposed to irrigate other planters.

Note bottoms of planters. There is no stronger planter made nor a better planter. Even with the marine grade laminate, the solid wood bottoms.

Note the air gap under the planter but the planter looks flush with the ground. Planters can be built with recess in bottom for LED lighting tubes.

20150909_074405 (1)

There are likely 100 different points to mention when it comes to how these planters are made, from the finger joint or staggered boards,

*the bracing that is made so that gardeners can plant large root balls anywhere on the planter so that they do not have to cut root balls or compromise spacing (cross bracing that actually

* bracing ties in the bottom to the sides, not just a piece of wood across the planter. Note the “V” shape of planter bracing.

Modular custom planters by New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting

(modular planters are the planters that we deliver in sections and assemble onsite, these can be disassembled and moved more easily, these custom built modular planters can be made from cedar, IPE planters, pressure treated wood or mahogany, even composite planters. Do not hesitate to install custom built planters by newyorkplantings for your terrace, sidewalk planters, restaurant or hotel entry planters. You will always get a great planter box, custom buil to your specifications with delivery, soil and plantings such as trees, shrubs or flowers delivered and planted in NYC. Shipping worldwide for custom built planters)            


Landscape Lighting and cedar planter installation NYC

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting Installing Landscape lighting on this custom built planter made of cedar and then stained with a solid deck stain by shermin Williams.

New York Plantings Landscape Lighting has made this a trademark and customer favorite. This type of landscape lighting is almost always requested by clients in NYC who order delivery of our beautiful strong custom built wood planters for rooftop gardens, planters for restaurants and cafe, sidewalk planter boxes and NYC townhouse gardens.

Most terraces will benefit from our custom platers that are built in planter boxes with these same landscape lights. For any queries Call: 347-558-7051

Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter
Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter

20150909_074405 (1)

Cedar Planter NYC
Cedar Planter NYC

Landscape lighting on this custom built planter

Landscape Light with cedar Planter NYC
Landscape Light with cedar Planter NYC

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Planter Making Ideas by New York Plantings

3 main challenges to plantings on a rooftop – NY Roof Top Gardene Designer

Know more about High performance planters!

I see that many people use the foam board as insulator for planters and what I imagine is that the benefit is not so much to protect the roots as people would assume but more to dilute or hamper the broad variations in temperature from early morning to

midday sun in Summer. Metal becomes hot quickly and the rapid heating of the soil would likely cause some unfavorable conditions for root growth. Maybe foam board holds a bit of moisture too even though they claim it is closed cell.

In winter the insulating properties of foam board cannot hurt since the planter is not as favorable an environment as the ground. Plantings that are rated to survive at -20 degrees F. or colder still do not survive much more mild NYC winters in planters than they could survive in the ground. (Even if they have moisture). New York Plantings is the best planter provider and roof top gardening service provider in NYC.

I haven’t tried it but a moisture retaining matt would likely do well in the planters, since another reason for plant failure is drying out in winter. Even dormant plantings and especially evergreens require water all year round: this is overlooked by many. If the matt will still pass water efficiently then

perhaps we can use some.

Roof Top Garden Designer NYC

custom planters and roof top garden designer - nyc
custom planters and roof top garden designer – nyc

There is a new drainage filter that looks like air conditioner filters that reduces weight by replacing gravel in planters. Perhaps you already know of this.

Warm, mild dry spells in winter can kill plantings just as easily as severe cold.Wind is another force that wicks the moisture from plantings. Drip Irrigation and automated watering system saves your plants. – NY Irrigation

I put allot of thought into this since my roots are in traditional landscape and ornamental horticulture on Long Island and the hard time I had coming to work in NYC “gardening in a box” had to relearn my trade, then growing my business we have several left over plants to keep over winter and last

year lost 80% of our plants in pots that normally make it through winter with no problems. This has led me to think of how plants live and survive and what we have to provide in order to support them. I’m sure that creating the largest

root system possible and then a heavy layer of organics is the first line of defense. Drainage is second but just as important. Insulating the planters will certainly help. I don’t think we need to waterproof the inside unless you have

some specific requirement.

New York

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Rooftop master garden designer nyc


Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors rooftop garden specialists NYC sharing yet another of our great penthouse gardens where we planted, provide garden care services, terrace cleaning, drip irrigation installation and rooftop garden irrigation services, landscape lighting system LED upgrades and several other services here at this Manhattan Penthouse roof garden. 

New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting NYC has also helped to restore and setup a great copper custom built water feature adding remote control to an older installation.

For  master garden and professional irrigation services from one NYC Landscape Design company that will prove to be experts in all facets of outdoor space design, construction and maintenance please contact NY Plantings Garden Designers NYC at 347-558-7051

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Nyplantings Roof top garden designer


nyplantings rooftop garden contractor


rooftop garden design


Rooftop garden contractor nyc


New York Plantings Garden Designer


Ny plantings roof top garden design


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Ny Plantings Landscape lighting


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting – the Ideal ones for your Backyards

Summary: With a concentrate on making the finest gardens, landscapes and Hardescapes; New York Plantings Garden Design and Landscape contracting is a differently fit organization of experts and other individuals. 

Low VoltageLandscape Lighting – the Idealones for your Backyards 

PRWEB: New York; 31st May, 2014: Introducing to you New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors jive to the creating universe of gardening. Ivy is the most prized plants as ground spread and vertical cultivating in the area of landscaping as well as gardening in the 21st century. 

Landscape Designer
Landscape Designer

What’s so cool about these plants is that they are green throughout the year, but also their survival characteristic even in the savagery of winter and its notorious spreading features which most individuals discover disadvantageous to different plants; particularly to trees (it doesn’t really kill them). Yes, they are climbing plants in light of the fact that they are additionally vines, which make Ivies incredible for vertical planting likewise. 

It is exceptionally imperative to know additionally what vines, spring flowers, and techniques to use in your vertical enclosure and New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors have the ability to support you with suitable decisions and plans for your dividers. From block dividers, to cement fences, doors and pergolas, they would likewise help with new and inventive thoughts for divider arrangement and outer surface of your home or business. 

Flower Planters
Flower Planters

New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors NYC is spotted in the Metro New York Area, is an inventive NY Landscape Design and NYC gardening organization adjusting Manhattan Penthouse arrangements, housetop and terrace gardens, brownstones and in addition private and business properties. NY Plantings roots are in suburban finishing outline and development, scene establishments, tree plantings and planting extensive arrangements in any style or sample plantings for the Long Island and Westchester scene. The work of lead scene originator Todd Nappi might be seen anyplace from Manhattan’s patios and Village boutiques to lodging chambers, brownstones and penthouse top decks. 

Custom flower planter
Custom flower planter

New York Plantings offers a complete extent of urban and suburban administrations, from regular arrangement support to finish scene outline ventures, and also expert Drip watering system establishments, LED outdoor lighting, master custom carpentry, stone porches, tree mind, pruning and encouraging, business property administration and grounds upkeep. Your dream enclosure or scene configuration task starts with a handshake. New York Plantings has taken a few undertakings from configuration to finishing providing for us to realize the open air space dream. 

LED Outdoor Lighting
LED Outdoor Lighting

Landscapelighting portrays an expansive and differed group of open air lighting installations. These adaptable, weatherproof lights might be utilized to light up pathways, bloom bunks, trees, wall, carports, stone dividers, entryways, and the sky is the limit from there. New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting are well aware of this and hence they go in forLow voltage landscape lightingwhich provides a perfect ambience for a romantic dinner or even a family get-together.  They are masters in choosing the exact kind of lighting for your backyard gardens.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting – the Ideal ones for your Backyards.