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What makes New York Plantings Custom Built planters the best planter boxes available?

New York Plantings built heavy duty, purpose built planters made for outdoor use.

Strengthened and fortified in key areas while promoting good drainage : Drainage is one of the key elements in plant health. Well drained planters will not bare the stress of tons of pressure from freezing soil. If an engine block can split from ice a planter will surely expand/contract to become weak, separate at joints, split and fail.

Attached is the basic premise for the planter however we have improved upon this since.

Landscape Lighting and cedar planter installation NYC
Landscape Lighting and cedar planter installation NYC
Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter
Landscape Light Installation in Cedar Planter

The extensive use of long pocket hole screws holds better than we could have hoped for and reduces the need for redundant framing and “nailers” which are weak blocks used for attachment but not actual part of the structure.


Custom planter design by New York Planting in own work shop NYC


Long pocket hole screws used in Custom planter design for long life by New York Plantings

New York plantings custom planter design at own work shop NYC

Long pocket hole screws Items like the trim and caps etc. can be fabricated in the shop:

*much more accurate and attractive when made on a good table saw/band saw or sliding compound miter saw than the look of on site circular saw “helpers”

Solid stain applied to the inside of planters can be substituted with “RED GUARD” or similar waterproofing membrane that will effectively extend the life of the wood indefinitely.  The use of 5/4″ decking planks with pocket hole joinery (note NO framing which is always off unless the framing woof is perfectly straight and planed.

Depending upon style, each board is jointed and then planed, often each board is cut to exact size then routed on each edge.Either with factory style round over OR a bevel of 33 or 45 degrees.

Roof top custom planter design NYC by New York Plantings

Top caps can be used to lift planters in most instances the typical carpenters just tack on the top caps.

First the frame is assembled then attached to the planter. Again, made in the shop instead of on site. Cannot compare this work to on site work.

This allows perfect alignment, no gaps and true 90 degree joints.

These planters are built with solid 2X10 or 2X12″ planks. Each board is planed to perfect flatness and straightness then routed on each edge, cut down to exact sizes.

Note that our method shows no fasteners but traditional hiding of fasteners is weak since small framing is used. Framing wood is never perfectly straight: The pocket hole joinery uses screws up to 75% longer for added grip and clamping. keeping wood from warping over time.Edges Such as above will not sit straight and will have wide gaps/seams if the wood planks are not first planed and jointed.

Then, where edges meet the routing makes the joined edges look clean. This is a planter without the marine laminate liner.The 3/4″ marine laminate is designed to hold up in continuous wet environment, even saturated with water and not separate.Coated marine grade laminate is even more impervious to moisture.

Even though marine laminate is acceptable and even specified by architects and builders we have decided to use the 5/4″ thick wood OR 2″ thick solid wood bottoms (pressure treated or cedar #2 or#3 to save weight)The solid bottoms are held off the ground approx 1-2″ to allow for air to pass beneath.

NO HOLES are drilled in these solid wood bottoms. Drilling holes in bottoms will weaken the bottoms, shorten the life of any wood, solid or laminate by allowing water to enter the end-grain. Holes in planter bottoms will not offer good drainage either. By making spaces in the solid wood planks much as a deck is built the water easily drains, evenly (no wet or dry areas or puddling, fungus or moldy smells etc.)

Other smart and professional grade drainage options include “bulkhead fittings fwd in previous emails. All planter drainage can be routed directly to drain or even be recycled or re purposed to irrigate other planters.

Note bottoms of planters. There is no stronger planter made nor a better planter. Even with the marine grade laminate, the solid wood bottoms.

Note the air gap under the planter but the planter looks flush with the ground. Planters can be built with recess in bottom for LED lighting tubes.

20150909_074405 (1)

There are likely 100 different points to mention when it comes to how these planters are made, from the finger joint or staggered boards,

*the bracing that is made so that gardeners can plant large root balls anywhere on the planter so that they do not have to cut root balls or compromise spacing (cross bracing that actually

* bracing ties in the bottom to the sides, not just a piece of wood across the planter. Note the “V” shape of planter bracing.

Modular custom planters by New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting

(modular planters are the planters that we deliver in sections and assemble onsite, these can be disassembled and moved more easily, these custom built modular planters can be made from cedar, IPE planters, pressure treated wood or mahogany, even composite planters. Do not hesitate to install custom built planters by newyorkplantings for your terrace, sidewalk planters, restaurant or hotel entry planters. You will always get a great planter box, custom buil to your specifications with delivery, soil and plantings such as trees, shrubs or flowers delivered and planted in NYC. Shipping worldwide for custom built planters)            


Roof Top Drip Irrigation Solutions for NYC Roof Top Gardens

Due to the nature of roofs, a roof garden is built on cement or other rigid basis, which offers an extremely narrow root zone or substrate layer. In some cases the substrate layer is no more than 20 cm high, limiting the availability of resources, such as nutrients, while complicating the plant growing process. These unique growing conditions require a solution that is extremely precise and resource efficient.

Roof Top Garden Irrigation
Roof Top Garden Irrigation by New York plantings irrigation and landscape lighting

Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Solutions for Roof Gardens.

Netafim’s drip irrigation solution for roof gardens is invisible, as it is installed in the subsurface of the substrate layer. The solution offers a precise combination of nutrients and water that are delivered directly to the plant’s roots zone, effectively “teaspoon feeding” plants. This uniform distribution of water and nutrients maximizes the plant’s intake of nutrients while enabling the plant to small and effective root lump.
Netafim’s drip irrigation solves the following roof garden challenges:

Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Solutions by New York plantings irrigation
Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Solutions by New York plantings irrigation
Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Solutions by New York plantings irrigation
Netafim’s Drip Irrigation Solutions by New York plantings irrigation
  • Thin root layerNetafim’s drip irrigation solution delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s roots zone in a precise and efficient manner, this method compensates for the lack of natural nutrient resources.
  • High winds –  Roof tops are generally more windy, so using overhead irrigation such as sprayers and rotors will not only waste most of the water, it may also spray water on walls and other undesired places. Netafim’s solution is buried underground, making it completely resistant to high winds.
  • Low pressure – Water pressure at the top of apartment buildings is rarely ideal for irrigation systems. They are either to high or too low. Netafim’s irrigation solutions are both low pressure and low flow systems. This means that they can operate in low pressure conditions, which Netafim’s pressure regulators bring the operating pressure in high pressure conditions into an acceptable range.
  •  Weight load – Netafim’s solution enables many short drip irrigation cycles with calculated intervals that help prevent overweight caused by excess water on the roof.
  • Self cleaning and root prevention Netafim’s drip irrigation solutions were designed to operate in the toughest environments (even below the ground) without requiring any maintenance or intervention. A combination of unique technologies ensures that the dripper withstands dirt clogging and intrusion of roots.
NYC townhouse rooftop garden design
NYC townhouse rooftop garden design

 New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting NYC offers An irrigation service contract or drip irrigation service agreement in which provided Winterizing services as well as the Spring irrigation startup are provided.

Other premium service agreements include additional visits to adjust the drip irrigation system and monitor the performance and efficiency of the system throughout the growing season.

Proper garden and landscape irrigation system design and maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure a happy, healthy landscape and to prevent costly repairs.

Contact irrigation services at 646-434-8049 or

For more information:

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Terrace garden design nyc with New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting

If you have an empty terrace with no planters this is an exciting time because we can choose the styles you like.  The planters, soil (several bags) gravel for drainage and then the plantings (trees, shrubs, flowers etc.) are the biggest investment.

Sunny, shade, privacy, the view from inside the home, taking care to not block a special view, color all year, interesting color and the style you like are some things to think about.

large terrace garden
large terrace garden

With a large terrace you can even have a couple of different styles or “rooms”.  Dividing the terrace for a secret garden and one area for entertaining or family.

Maybe you like to grow some herbs or vegetables too.

Drip Irrigation is very important. No way can anyone hand water this and expect to have a nice garden or most times it will not live. Vacation and other things come into question as babysitters never can water how you water. New York Plantings Irrigation and Landscape Lighting have many yrs of exp with automated drip irrigation installation in NYC and Long island area.

Lighting in the taller trees is good too to creating a warm inviting feeling like a lounge or park like feelings.

The corners can have large planters and trees. Corners are always wasted space and the best opportunity to add focal points and you can afford more space in corners of your terrace or rooftop garden.

Terrace garden NYC
Terrace garden NYC

Consider at least 3 large trees and with large terrace a simple hedge is good. Against the walls is sheltered and we can even have some climbing roses, FIG trees and other delightful plantings.

Making a plan: we can make a top down view on paper so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Choosing a company: New York Plantings is a small company with tight quality control supporting highly knowledgeable people who built terrace gardens, landscapes and rooftop gardens, penthouse gardens all day, every day, year round.

roof top garden irrigation
roof top garden irrigation

NY Plantings has a separate drip irrigation company to install your drip irrigation system that will work reliably and properly. The system is made to use very little water while keeping the garden you invested in healthy and strong for the winter.

A terrace is a hard place for plants to live but a master gardener with specific experience can provide you with what you need for a LOW Maintenance garden with plantings proven to thrive in our environment.

Custom made IPE planter boxes design by New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors

It’s going to be a wheelie good IPE planter box.By New York Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape Contractors NYC ‪#‎newyorkplantings.

When building custom planter boxes with casters or wheels planter boxes with wheels need to have reinforced mounting pads or else they will just fall apart like most things the people in New York City built.
Custom-made IPE planter boxes
Special Edition custom planter boxes using to buy 10 pressure treated lumber and a frameless design with hidden fasteners.

These planters are even stronger without a frame due to the fact that we used long screws that run from the centre of the board using a special jig. It takes an enthusiast and someone who has a love for woodwork and making things with their hands to create something unique and durable. If you want to buy planter boxes one time and not have to buy them every few years you can come to New York plantings garden designers and landscape contracting NYC. We use real solid wood and screws that are made for outdoor use. No brads or staples holding together thin wobbly planter boxes.

The custom made woodplanter box photos in this post show only part of the process. Each board is trimmed two equal width planed and shaved to the same thickness and to perfection so when the boards are joined together there are no gaps and a nice tight fit that nearly holds itself together without fasteners. It’s almost a shame that we have to paint these for a restaurant in Rockefeller Centre because a light coat of stain would look beautiful!
The newest addition to the New York plantings garden designers and landscape construction custom built planter and planter box shop! But grizzly 10 inch jointer is going to make our boards nice and flat….. Nothing like good straight hardwood!
Custom built planters who would have think it? I just wish that when I got a wooden crate that there was a motorcycle inside!

Long clamps on a 42 inch rectangular custom planter box built for marine ply liner with IPE Brazilian hardwood fascia. We will give this a rubberized membrane liner and a 4 inch IPE top cap. This is for a townhouse Garden in New York City. Don’t buy Kmart planters for your 10 million dollar house. New Yorkplantings garden design and landscape construction builds custom planter boxes.

Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter Thank you for checking out my post.
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC
Custom IPE planter boxes supplier NYC

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Planter Making Ideas by New York Plantings

3 main challenges to plantings on a rooftop – NY Roof Top Gardene Designer

Know more about High performance planters!

I see that many people use the foam board as insulator for planters and what I imagine is that the benefit is not so much to protect the roots as people would assume but more to dilute or hamper the broad variations in temperature from early morning to

midday sun in Summer. Metal becomes hot quickly and the rapid heating of the soil would likely cause some unfavorable conditions for root growth. Maybe foam board holds a bit of moisture too even though they claim it is closed cell.

In winter the insulating properties of foam board cannot hurt since the planter is not as favorable an environment as the ground. Plantings that are rated to survive at -20 degrees F. or colder still do not survive much more mild NYC winters in planters than they could survive in the ground. (Even if they have moisture). New York Plantings is the best planter provider and roof top gardening service provider in NYC.

I haven’t tried it but a moisture retaining matt would likely do well in the planters, since another reason for plant failure is drying out in winter. Even dormant plantings and especially evergreens require water all year round: this is overlooked by many. If the matt will still pass water efficiently then

perhaps we can use some.

Roof Top Garden Designer NYC

custom planters and roof top garden designer - nyc
custom planters and roof top garden designer – nyc

There is a new drainage filter that looks like air conditioner filters that reduces weight by replacing gravel in planters. Perhaps you already know of this.

Warm, mild dry spells in winter can kill plantings just as easily as severe cold.Wind is another force that wicks the moisture from plantings. Drip Irrigation and automated watering system saves your plants. – NY Irrigation

I put allot of thought into this since my roots are in traditional landscape and ornamental horticulture on Long Island and the hard time I had coming to work in NYC “gardening in a box” had to relearn my trade, then growing my business we have several left over plants to keep over winter and last

year lost 80% of our plants in pots that normally make it through winter with no problems. This has led me to think of how plants live and survive and what we have to provide in order to support them. I’m sure that creating the largest

root system possible and then a heavy layer of organics is the first line of defense. Drainage is second but just as important. Insulating the planters will certainly help. I don’t think we need to waterproof the inside unless you have

some specific requirement.

New York

Plantings Garden Designers and Landscape contracting

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